Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Goals of this Blog

As a member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits, I hope to devote this blog to all things graveyard:

- To exploration, preservation, and restoration of graveyards and burial sites.
- To studying and chronicling the history and art of graveyards and putting this in the context of the history of the surrounding area.
- To mapping graveyards and transcribing tombstones.
- To learning about burial customs and tombstone/grave marker conventions.

I will post photographs, information, and articles covering the cemeteries of the Northern Virginia area, including but not limited to: Fairfax County, Falls Church City, Arlington County, Alexandria City, and Fairfax City. I have a lot to learn about graveyards and burial customs in general and for this area in particular, and I wish to share what I learn. Northern Virginia has undergone a tremendous amount of development in recent years and this can create problems for existing cemeteries and burial sites.


  1. Welcome and good luck - I wish you much success!

  2. Thank you for your kind wishes; I just hope that I can do justice to my fellow Graveyard Rabbits!